Horrible player looking for clan/other people too play with.

Hello guys, the situation is this, I suck at this game and I have no idea how too get started, and basically is always ends up with me running around naked with a rock trying too run away from the kevlar-m4 guys.
So, If anyone who knows how too play this game would want too teach me this game, or something like that, I would be glad.
I’m from Sweden, can speak English, have microphone, TS3/skype, can get other stuff is needed etc.
Send me an PM and I’ll give you my steamlink so you can add me
( PS. I’m horrible at this game )

Weren’t you the dude complaining about Rust being boring…?

Check the entire post and read what I was complaining about.

Woah… Now who would imagine that someone getting bored of Rust would try to alleviate that boredom by playing it with friends.

No way.

Just thought I would point it out, no need to get upset with me, if you want I can help you take that stick out of your rectum :downs:

if you want you can help me how too play rust its the same thing as the rectum stick thing

Jonnymad doesn’t know how to play rust. He’s on these forums 24/7 being a dick. No time to enjoy life, must make others feel bad.

oh ok do you know how too play rust?

There’s no problem with being a dick on occasion, but when one doesn’t do anything else but flag dumb all day and respond with inflammatory/ignorant comments nearly 90% of time… it gets old and dull.

I’ve been working on that, as per a few personal friend’s requests.

I’d be happy to add you on Steam and help you out from time to time-- could you link to your steam profile? (send it to me in private message if you are concerned about trolls)