Horrid Lighting

I’ve been working on a big project lately and I am starting to become very frustrated with all of the errors in my lighting. I am using light_spot entities and have noticed that my lighting just sucks in a lot of places (mostly corners.)



Setting for most of my lights


What am I doing wrong here?

Have you tried using the smoothing groups?

I’ve been messing with them for the past few days, all of those images even have smoothing groups in them (but they don’t seem to really be doing anything.)

Try turning the brightness down, set the Brightness to

255 248 255 100

That looks a little bit better, still uneven and ugly though :frowning:

Also, the dark spots are of more concern to me than that section.

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Is this not the correct way to use smoothing groups?


That doesn’t look correct. Smoothing groups should be placed such that a grouped area will smooth together, so generally you don’t want an inside corner to be part of the same smoothing group. In this shot for instance you probably only want the 2 walls and beveled corner where the window is to be part of the same smoothing group.

Is any of that stuff func_detail? models or entities of any sort?

Also if you want better shadowing I’d suggest lowering the lightmap scale on those wall textures.

I was going to suggest that, but I assumed it was done intentionally? The lightmap scale looks significantly larger than standard at any rate. Unless he just read somewhere that making the lightmap scale huge was a good way to reduce file size or something and didn’t realise it would make the lighting look like shite.

The lightmap scale is not huge, it is 8. But I’ll bring it down some more and see how that looks.


Ceiling and right wall look better now… but left wall is kind of a mess.

And still haven’t managed to fix this:


Windows are func_detail

how strange, are there any errors with the compile?

Also, those look like custom materials, are the vmt’s using lightmappedgeneric?

Have you also tested what it looks like with all smoothing groups removed?

sorry, I am really running out of ideas as you may have guessed :stuck_out_tongue:

No notable errors

Yes, they are using lightmapped generic.

Looks the same without smoothing groups