Horror gamemode idea

I recently imagined a game mode where it be like playing a cheap slasher horror film with a crazed serial killer and thought “Hey maybe that could work.”

So basically there’s a psychopath and survivors.

The Psychopath
There is only one he is tasked with killing everyone.
There is 4 classes for the Psychopath.

Hes average in all traits and he can don a variety of different murder weapons.
(listed by rank top is lowest bottom is highest)

He has average speed and has low health. He attacks from the shadows and takes everyone out one by one. He has many different tools at his disposal.
(Weapons Listed by rank top lowest rank bottom highest)
-Fists (punch people or strangle them from behind)
-Knife (super back-stabbing powers like the spy from TF2)
-Two Longer Knifes(back-stabs galore!)
(able to choose one or the other not both eg. Disguise Kit and sound suppressant boots. Not listed by rank)
-Disguise Kit or Time limited invisibility
-Sound suppressant boots or Shading cloak(shading cloak makes user slightly invisible)

Its a big beast that rushes and tears people apart. Its very strong but slow
It can have different abilities.
(not listed by rank)
-Claws and Tail (weak short claws that attack at a medium speed aided by a tail with a spike on the end that can attack from a medium range doing low damage)
-Large Claws (slow attacking melee range claws that do high damage with a slightly low swing speed)
-Teeth and Claws (Claws do a low damage Teeth Do medium damage. This combo allows you to crawl along the ground with the crouch key and pounce by pressing the primary attack button like the hunter from L4D)

Crazed Gun-Man
Uses guns to kill everyone has average speed and low health.
Has a small armory at his disposal.
(listed by rank)
-SMG or Pump Shotgun
-Machine Gun or Auto Shotty (if you choose the SMG you get the MG if you choose the Pump Shotgun you get the Auto Shotty)

Ranking system for items
As the Psychopath if you win you unlock the new weapon for the class you played as if you lose by dieing the the person who killed you becomes the new Psychopath.
If you lose via the 10 minutes then a new person is chosen at random.
If you lose you do not lose your ranked items you unlocked unless you disconnect so you will keep them even if the map changes.

The Survivors
They must survive for 10 minutes(or less)or kill the Psychopath.
There are 3 classes. They all have 1 starting weapon and must scavenge to find others.

He is faster then the Psychopath but is kinda weak he starts with a random bludgeoning weapon (base ball bat etc.)

The Hider is very weak. He has the ability to turn almost invisible when not moving and can hide in places others cant (closet’s dresser thingys etc) due to his low height. Starts with a knife

He has lots of health but is slow he starts with his fists

You get to be a serial killer and kill the survivors and the survivors have to kill him or survive for 10 minutes

ok so that’s my idea probably no one will make this game mode but if anyone does they wouldn’t have to credit me.

This sounds like something that would be made for machinima too. A couple ideas too. Make it like a horror film from the old days. E.g: black and white, those weird lines that go around, and random camera placements so you can see most of a room. Also, don’t make the monster killable, it adds suspense.

So… Hidden: Source with a few new classes?

kinda,pretty much sums it up!

Thread ruined by 09’ers

Let’s not get elite here.

I think this is a cool idea, but I would like to see it done a-la murder gamemode, that was always fun.