Horror map with a stalking NPC

I’m working on a level for my mod where there’s a blackout and an NPC starts stalking you with a shotgun, so you have to hide in various places (in closets, behind boxes, etc) to keep him from finding you. Right now I just have a bunch of info_nodes which kind of works, but I was wondering if there was a better way to have him actively search for the player while you try to hide. I also want to know id there’s a way to make certain places where NPCs won’t search for the player.

You could probably make a custom brush entity where they wont search by coding it in.

I’ve actually had this idea before, I never really knew how I could do it, my conclusion? Select the areas you want your character to hide in and set triggers on the areas separating the areas you do and don’t want the NPC to see, add an ai_relationship and make the triggers remove it when they trigger it, its not full-proof or pretty but it gets the job done.

Isnt it “Fool proof” not full-proof? Also I rate you informative, good idea.