Horror Movie Marathon Gone Real

Oh SHIT. ALMA. :open_mouth:

Um… Why is the picture dark a bit?

Other than that it looks good.


Hahah! awesome!, At first i thought Urbanator created this thread lolol.


Just cause I seem to have an Alma/Silent Hill fetish doesn’t mean you have to blab about it :smiley:

LOL this is hilarious. Have a funnie.

I lol’d at massive amount of beer and bonk, good job.

Nice, I like the dark theme you gave it and love that bloody bitch on the ceiling. 5/5 my friend.

Engineer look like he’s trying to change the channel with the remote would fix the problem :V

Alma seems to be saying “Spare change?”

Alma’s a spy!

A money begging horror apparition. Worst thing ever.

“Can you hold my hand?”

I love their reactions. Nearing Halloween too, nice timing!

I cant stop loling. Omg… thats so funny.

Funny how a little girl can scare the living shit out of people.

A buddy said Alma didn’t scare him in the first Fear. Then what is the point in playing the game if you can’t drown yourself in the dark atmosphere and utter creepyness that Fear is. That is half the fun beside the slaughter of replica soldiers.

Lol. That is kinda funny.

Whos that naked bitch hanging on the wall?

The adult and burned version of Alma.