Horror movies


Goofy version:

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Fuck, I appear to have forgotten to raise my Screenshot quality.

d’aww. it’s cute. :3 i laughed at the goofy version.

Rather empty background.

Mm… Could have used a few paintings and other props, right?

Yeah. Maybe you could use a house map? This looks somewhat like a corner of a construct map (The walls are concrete, and it extends backward, much unlike a house)

It’s actually gm_richland :v:

Well they look like they’re watching a movie in a warehouse.


But heavy is too big for a house, he would fall through the floor D:, J/K heavy has his living room empty because the rest of the house has sandvich’s

But yeah, throw like a bookshelf and some other homely objects in there and it would look 2x greater.
Good job on the faceposing too.