horror space ship

this is a face puch forum im making for my 2nd and 3rd maps

the first one is here:

and the second (and main) ones beta is here:

the beta is just a few rooms which feature things iv never used befor and things im trying to perfect befor going onto a huge map, if it seems small or a bit full thats probably the reason. if i get enough people wanting this map i might start adding updates here.

full list of features:
2 rooms, 1 with a short corridor
1 self closing button door with 2 buttons for access at both sides
3 lights, 1 red and 1 red flickering
models of zombies and dead crew members
sign decals
blood decals

theres a video of the map here

hope you enjoy playing this map and will wiat around for the full version!

Just to let you know, blood and dead bodies aren’t scary. You got a lot of work to do I will say that much…

  • better textures
  • better lighting
  • dead bodies are not scary
  • add real ambient music (I know the music you have isn’t in the map… Sounds make a map what it is.)
  • add details (such as props, pipes, boxes, random stuff that make the room look more detailed)
  • what is with all the phones? why are they there?
  • contaminated area? So what? extend it so you get hurt in the contaminated areas… Why are you for some reason surviving. (If it is contaminated why is it contaminated? What is making the area contaminated?)
  • again please better textures
  • no light source for the lights? Is this a magic ship?
  • add more depth other than squares to the room. add an arch or a round door not a square generic door.

It doesn’t really look like a spaceship interior? I don’t know L33T gave you the crits, but I would just like to emphasize how much blood and dead bodies everywhere sucks. Otherwise he went through it pretty much.

It looks very bland. As l33t said, dead bodies aren’t scary. There is a severe lack of detail, and by that i don’t just mean props. The ship is derelict, but there is no evidence of a fight. There should be panels hanging off the walls, exposing sparking wiring beneath. Valves should be issuing clouds of steam, oxygen pips burst and flaming.

And don’t say “it is just a beta” the state it’s in is more pre-alpha.

This has potential. If you add NPCs though, try and refrain from using headcrab zombies- they are not scary.

Nice idea though, I wish you luck. :wink:

headcrab zombies can be scary, if you know how to use them.

True, but if not used creatively they are a bit comical. But thats my opinion.

they have just become too generic after years and years of mindless slaugther.


The map itself doesn’t have a creepy atmosphere, and as said before, it isn’t detailed well enough. Honestly I am looking forward to something along the lines of this idea, good luck

Besides for that room you start off in, the map seems to be a good start.
The criticism I would give was stated by other users though. I actually look forward to this map getting better in time though.


Make a vent
Add no light into it
throw a headcrab into it.

Fucking shit always get me.

The trick with the headcrab in the ventilation shaft is too much used. Actually, a good horror map does not need any enemies at all, at least not many. You just need to make the player feel that he is being hunted or is not safe. As said earlier, add some atmospheric music/sounds. For example, if the player is going down a hallway, make him/her trigger a sound behind him/her. And when the player turns there is nothing there. Small thing like that, makes up a good atmosphere.

I tend to think that, with the right atmosphere in place, lack of dead bodies actually makes it scarier.

"where is everyone? D= getting nervous "

Yeah, fast zombie howls work wonders. :slight_smile:

well yes, but it is even better if you use a new sound. There are plenty of sites were you can download free sounds to use in your maps. I tend to use: http://www.freesound.org/

Technically, with the right atmosphere, you can make a bright summers day feel scary. Especially using primal fear.

Another trick to use is to have a trail of blood up to a door. Sounds simple, but fills the player with apprehension as to what is behind the door.
Use blood and dead bodies tactifully, don’t just throw them everywhere. It’ll over load the player, and nothing you do will be a surprise.

Also super bassy soundscapes hurhur

This map that I have been working on, is one single room, there is no dead bodies there is a tiny blood but you can’t even see it that well in the video, but the atmosphere is what gives its eerie effect. With the radio playing the earth shaking the ambient music the detail of well placed decals, props, pipes, and so on. Just some more hints.

The sound of the falling rubble reminded me of gm_atomic. Goddamn that map is good. The soundscape is so amazing and atmospheric - especially when you go in the crater and the music from the original FO plays.