The effects look good.

It’s unique, but I’m not sure what that red thing is supposed to be, a flare? If so, it’d light up more than his face :stuck_out_tongue:

Either than that, pretty freaky deaky.

The lighting is great except that I think there should be more of a red tint/reflection in the room and made it bigger and brighter, since flares are used for emergency purposes and are supposed to be huge so everyone can see them.

I love it. It’s just so…different (That’s a good thing).

Reminds me of Saw, the very first movie in the bathroom.

It’s like he’s being watched by someone, nicely done!
Only thing I think you could improve is the amount of light coming from the fire. Maybe put some light on the side of the person standing there.

If i were to add some effect to it, i think i’d write “horror” not in stylish cursive but maybe in a jittery way? Or with blood?