This map is my attempt at a horror map. i hope you will like it. Right at this moment its finished but there is always room for improvement.

Workshop link:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259471552

Any ideas or advise would be nice! :slight_smile:

well it’s definitely scary

Thanks that’s what i was going for! :smiley:

Well dude, you’ve impressed me


This is definitely the most horrific map I’ve seen.

Yes let’s all make sarcastic responses instead of letting him know issues with the map.

It’s… actually not that bad, function wise. The map has a lot of random decals everywhere (like the posters and sewer hole), but the general weirdness of the map makes it seem like it was a bit intentional. It doesn’t really have much direction and it’s just a straight walk through, so there’s no real challenge to the map at all. The small little events in the map would be better executed if the entirety of it looked like it had more direction and generally looked better, and I think that if you can accomplish that, your weird little things that happen as a player walks through could then be done better. As for the ending with the Alyx ragdolls randomly falling, you don’t really need that, or at least done in that way.

Think creatively and think about what would genuinely scare a person. You need to come up with events that would catch a person off guard, and also have them happen in an environment fitting for the mood, and if you can do both, you’ll end up with a really cool map. I see the ideas you were trying to go for, but in this state, it seems to lack clear direction and proper theme. I hope you can push the idea forward and make something really cool. As for the map as a whole, if you want this kind of idea to work well, you should probably start over with the map. Get inspired by real life haunted locations, generally creepy areas, disturbing themes, and inspiration from other forms of horror themed media.

I hope you can really get this into a really well executed map and idea, and remember, practice makes perfect. You won’t know if you can do something until you try it out.

I’d be a lot more inclined to be helpful if it didn’t feel like it was intentionally made poorly/intentionally putting in low effort. Some evidence to that is the GIANT METAL DICK in the 3d skybox, or repeatedly playing -totally hilarious- sound clips over and over.

Nice, but it needs more tyres. It was a well guarded secret among professional mappers that adding huge quantities of tyres to a map increases the ‘spooky’ factor ten-fold.


My god.

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I’m going to play this right now.

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sweet baby jesus

easily the most horrific thing i’ve ever seen

This map gave me Aids.