Horse rider in desert (Black ops 2 trailer inspired pose).

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I recognize the black ops 2 trailer.
Good work.

that’s some strong cartoon filter you’ve got there.

That horse looks like it’s about to collapse.

That horse is just like
“Kill me… Please…”

I love how everything in this picture makes sense.

fuck me

I guess it sounds stupid, but horse was posed after I posed the guy…

Whoa. Is that even possible?

Looks a little low-quality.

Isn’t the footage with the horses supposed to be back in the 80’s when the russians were fighting afghani insurgents? cause there wasn’t acr’s with heartbeat sensors or uav’s or molle back then


Seriously, look at the picture, I doubt historical accuracy and authenticity was the first thing that the OP was thinking about.


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And that’s not marpat that is an m81 woodland pattern which existed while the russians were at war(i am not trying to insult you, i just wanted to say that).

There you go again, my point is, that congratulations for being the supreme military-nerd of the forums (this assumption is based on the amount of gunwank that you post every time there’s a picture of a man/pig/horse/cow holding a rifle) but no one gives a fuck, least of all the person who made that picture.

Yeah but i see no loss of human resource if someone is nit-picking, it’s not like i went all “Okay kids from now on you will be posting what i want cause i am right and you need to listen to me” And apparently you think i actually care about the “gunwank i post every time there’s a picture of a man/pig/horse/cow holding a rifle” chill out i am not hurting anyone, gawd.

But it’s a pony! Just look at the legs/

I posed the horse first, then the guy on it. When i changed resolution, gmod crashed and when i loaded save game the horse was gone so …

I used trailer for inspiration. I doesn’t mean that i was trying to represent any events from black ops 2.

the picture looks hilarious for some reason

not in a bad way though

Oh i see. At least you are nice about it, unlike exorade.

Where’s that Drone Helicopter from? Looks familiar…