Horse statue player model?

I was wondering if anybody would like to attempt to rig up the HL2 horse statue from C17 into a player model/ragdoll.
After all, it would be a good laugh. Just incase you have no idea about which one i’m talking about
(although you probably don’t) here it is:

Many thanks if you attempt to rig this model, and if you do I hope you have fun. :3

You could rig it to the epona ragdoll (as its a horse).

Problem with that is I want the ragdoll to use the player animations, so it’ll probably have to use the player skeleton wouldn’t it?

Theres no way that would work, sorry. You’d have to make totally custom anims for it with a different skeleton.

Why couldn’t you just rig it to the player skeleton though?
Is it not that simple? I mean, I’ve seen someone rig up a matress model before, not to mention a headcrab.

If the dimentions of the model arn’t right it ends up increadibly warped by the animations (also it would look pretty wierd anyway as it would be standing on its back legs at best)

Do you have a link to those?

Yes I do.
The matress:
The headcrab:

If someone can rig these two model to fit the player skeleton, do you think there’s a chance that it could be done with the horse? I think it would be cool if someone could try it, though, then we’d know
for sure if it’s posssible or not.

Those are relatively human shaped though from looking at them there, I don’t see how the horse could be made to fit that shape :S

(I found the link for Epona)

Perhaps you maybe right. :
Still though I would like to see the result, it might be quite interesting. From looking at the bender ragdoll you rigged you seem pretty capable of making player models, if I do say so myself. :slight_smile: