[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Horse

[tab]Includes:[/tab] Horse from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, with way improved physmodel, allowing it to be actually posed, plus six skins.

[tab]Credits:[/tab] Nirrti/Ilwrath, Arkane Studios




Sweet, a good horse model!

Totally awesome. You are a god among lesser men.

Nice job!

these are great man!

Make a Unicorn


also, is there a rainbow model?

Well done. I really like the arcane skins.

Woof woof

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I mean neiiiggh

Epic hqrse

imean horse

Medieval poses are now complete!

Ellis gonna fap to this!

incoming sex poses!

nice release

what the hell man, thats the sound that ostriches make

horses go cluck


Oh yes, the old one was impossible to pose.

At least the one I had.

Your good man the the horse its very realistic. I make a thread 1 month ago were i write cuz i need some horse , and now its here ! This is GhostRider Horse

like i said in steam great job

Does it have the same shitty rigging that the one in the animal pack has?

Apparently it doesn’t, great.