horseman headless horseless for player model

anyone can make a player model of the horseman headless hoseless of the scream fortress update for TF2, with his horseman headless horseless headtaker for usable weapon please ?

It’d be a tough job, likely impossible. He’s twice the size of a usual TF2 player, and even those are a few feet taller than an average citizen.

Actually I think this would be impossible without about a years time of effort.
They would have to rig it to the standard skeleton which would look rather wonky with its current size.
And if they shrunk it in a modeling program it would look all deformed.
So they would have to shrink it polygon by polygon to make it look decent and THEN rig it.

cant you just take off all the bones, shrink it and re rig it, would take like less then a day
and shrinking it polygon by polygon would be unnecessary when you have tools like soft select

headtaker for it, I managed to have it through zoey tf2 swep 2010


thx Zoey