Horseman of the Zone

Old edit

that horse can’t see.

That is one fine horse.

Very interesting and original. The editing looks patchy in places though.

looks nice

Yeah, i agree with you there. Burning looks odd on the man.

Thanks for the comments guys.


I like it so much…

Something was wrong about this picture, so i re-edited it. I removed his mask and just cleaned the picture up a bit.
New edit in OP.

filter render clouds
image adjustments hue and saturation dicks with settings for 2 seconds it looks cool i will roll with it heh

I just hope for the horse the guy didn’t forget to put hole on that bell on his mouth.

Oh no! i used all those methods to create this picture, i’m such an bastard.
Teach me oh master!

Its meant to be a gasmask for the horse. :ohdear:


There’s a fine line between blinders and why the fuck is my horse charging into walls all the time.

Exactly what was this inspired by?

Original stuff man, I like the new edit.

I like the idea of the gas mask for the horse, looks pretty cool.

I guess the WW1 war horses that had gasmasks fitted on them.

And the horse can see, its glass.

Where did you get those stalker models?