Horseman. The Binding of Scout.


That shitload of filters

you’re an idiot. look at the original picture. more work went into this than most crap

Don’t call me an idiot. I know how much work went into this image and I like the overall, but that grain and flares are making such a eyeraping effect.

Also, aren’t you that “hate is a scary thing” guy? Or maybe some 4chan troll stealed your account?

I think the filters are quite nice. Makes for a nice noise effect.



Looks like a painting. This is epic bro.

Quite awesome, apart from the heavy grain.

also lol Salvador went all Faraon_zz

big naked dude on a pole.

in all honesty its very well made, good job

If you ask me , faraon is a genius, so that’s okay

Love the picture too.

Ok, salvador. You’re not faraon, stop that :v:

Is this a binding of Issac reference?

It’s quite awesome, but was it really necessary to resize the picture so we can see every single pixel on it?

yes. it is a continuation of my last picture.

Ok Thanks.