Horses are for riding

Just tried putting something together in a while.

These horses are for ridin’, and that’s just what they do. One of these days these horses are gonna ride over you.

Weird posing, the lighting and no use of dof makes the people further away have that weird noise effect mess thing. Nice build though, did you create the ground textures yourself or did you use some map as a base?

That’s right,
I always got a girl on my back.

It’s one of the EP 2 maps.
And thanks for the tips. Sadly the noise problems are more due to the GPU and source not being fans of each other (same for the lack of AA).

Was expecting sex pose pleasantly surprised.

can’t work out if i’m tired or whether this picture is really weirdly distorted

“…Not for fucking.” is what I expected.

Yes. They are for riding…

Who could use them for… anything else…? ehm

Nice, but whats the blue-white things in the water?

Edit: Oh, now i noticed it was ducks :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to think what some of you folks think about. :~


Looks like Age of Empires.

“horses are for riding, as resolution is to ramping up”

I’m a little confused on what exactly you want us to look at. There isn’t a real focus point and I believe that your composition could use some work. Try a triangle shaped composition next time and perhaps change the area of greatest contrast to the area you want us to focus on first.