Here’s a breakdown of the kit, enough for a 1 x 2 Metal building…or bigger if you team up with friends!

You only get it once, so don’t die before you use it!

Metal Hatchet
Camp Fire
Sleeping Bag
Hunting Bow
60 x Arrow
90 x 9mm Ammo
25 x Wood
2 x Wood Storage Box
5 x Small Medkit
Full Leather Suit
10 x Small Ration
20 x Cooked Chicken
2 x Metal Foundation
6 x Metal Pillar
5 x Metal Wall
2 x Metal Doorway
2 x Metal Cieling
2 x Metal Door

No durability loss

Sleepers ON (to prevent combat logging)

Slooooooooooow decay (like .0000001)

We have a pretty large player population (more full on weekends it seems) with established bases and arsenals, we felt this kit would give the noobs a fighting chance.

Airdrops start at 10 players, mostly drop in Rad Towns (spawned by admins)

6 Active admins so far!

Running the following mods:


Around the 3 major rad-towns there are “portal stations”, Metal platforms with pillars and roofs, if you stand on one of these and type /portal you’ll be teleported to the other portal. There are two portals (start and finish) at each of the three rad towns (just outside the towns on the road, you can’t miss them) This allows for fast travel without the use of TPA and limitations and exploitations of it (we found several users were able to TP INTO houses that were not theirs if they TPed to someone on a roof/wall and essentially clipped into the buildings.) We will be adding another set of portals from northern big-rad to the large valley to the East, and then from there to the coast in the southern most edge.

We are all adults gaming together, don’t stand for whiners or beggers so don’t come here expecting free stuff from admins, or other people. Yes the server is PVP and there are KOS, especially some of the older players that have been here a while. We do actively follow players and roam the gameworld looking for hackers, exploiters, etc. We don’t tolerate excessive profanity or racial slurs, many of us have children that play this game with us and we like to keep it clean. We are hosted on a US EAST COAST server and have had to kick the occasional high ping player.

So come on out and give us a try, no wipe since last patch that forced us to wipe (Feb 26th I think was the big patch)

F1 + net.connect from in-game!

bump to the top! Building a new bigger arena now!