Hospital Patient Ragdoll Request

I’m making a scenebuild and I started making a makeshift hospital. It all worked pretty well until I realized there wasn’t a patient.

I was surprised no one had tried to even reskin the hospital zombie from left 4 dead to make it an uninfected person.

If anyone knows where I can find a person in a hospital gown for Gmod or if someone is generous enough to reskin one without any form of payment other than a mutual sign of respect and appreciation, post it here.

So, that is all I have to say about this.

The only model I know of that would fit your scene would be Sherry Birkins (

Not quite what I had in mind.

More like this

Reskin one of the No Mercy zombies in L4D

Uncle Po has a hospital variant in my Sleeping Dogs collection. (Sun On Yee pack)

“DA. This will work!”

Thank you.

Now if only there was a citizen reskin set I could use to fit with the doctors and nurses.

Wasn’t there an addon on the site that had the L4D infected changed to uninfected?

I’ve never seen that kind of pack, but it probibly exists.
Despite the infighting, this thread does reveal some useful information, apparently finding a clean zombie would be relatively easy, you just need to know your way around the L4D .gcf.

That would be the problem. I don’t know anything about using the kinds of programs required.

Ah well. I’ll try finding a pack on the internet. However unlikely that is.

I’d look into it for you, but downloading L4D just for the .gcf would be kinda silly and a waste of my monthly internet usage.

GCFscape is the program you would need to get into the files. From there you just need to understand the Source engine’s model/material structure.

I used to have GCFscape on my old computer, I might still have it somewhere. I don’t know what to do exactly with the vtf files though.