Host a server on a different port?

I’m trying to create a listen server using the “Create Server” button, but nowhere in the options can I find a place to change the port that it is hosted on.

I want to change the port because i have several ports already forwarded to my computer, and with my current router it’s a hassle to forward any other ports…


No clue, but why would you want a listen server? If you switch to a dedicated server, simple: -port <portnumber>

Never bothered with a listen server, but seriously… Why?

A listen server is usually easier to use… i guess not in this case.

If i was going to set up a dedicated server, I would use my old computer, recently turned into a linux server… sadly, Garry’s Mod does not have native support for linux, and wine would slow it down…

OK goto Console when the server in running and type Hostpost “Number” and restart the map. But make sure its open first. Incase you dont no the ports here:

1200 - 1200 TCP and UDP
27020 - Number
27039 - 27005

The Number is the port u used in your console…
ALL these must be open, and the one your using…Otherwise FAIL.

Dedicated Ports:

27005 - 27005
27015 - 27020


I got away with setting hostport to my one already forwarded port… so thanks.

Why FAIL if i can host with only one?