Host a server or have one in my country, huge lag!

Hey guys!
I don’t know if you guys will have the problem i have when i play Rust. The lag is huge!!! Today, in the last 30 minutes playing, i got killed 3 times and i had no chance to defend myself. Maybe you will say i didn’t saw the guy, etc. But i was with rocks by my side and behind me, and when i was going down after i got killed, i saw the guy popping up in front of my face, like BOM! There he is! I live in Brazil (and please, don’t say we are all those ‘huehue’, today i made some friends with american guys) and all my friends are having problems with that. Even against zombies, we always take the hit before it get close.

So i’d like to know if there is anyway to work with the Dev’s to have a host here for us, or to have another server here, in South America. It will help us, A LOT!!

I’m Admin on a DayZ server. The server is hosted in a company, they work with servers, servers for companys, but for more than a year they have 2-3 DayZ Servers. Maybe this is a way to start this. I don’t… I just want a good server where i can play with less lag than i can at the momment.

Even if it’s a no, i hope the Dev’s can give us an answer.
Thanks =D

Ps.: Sorry for my english.

I’m pretty sure the Devs are planning to release a dedicated server that anyone can use at some point, but keep in mind since the game is still in Alpha that the server options will be limited.

Yeah, i know that. But i just want to ask, because it’s really bad!! really really! So, if they can do that, i’ll be thankful. If not, this is alpha and i understand. But will be better =D

I by no means intend to offend you, but I don’t really think your area is a part of their target demographic. Really, they have to prioritize when it comes to hosting servers to give the best service to the most people.

I am playing from New Zealand and do ok on the AU servers even though I’m not convinced that they’re actually hosted in Australia as they ping at around 140 for me and Australia is normal around 30 - 40.

Have you tried the AU servers?

I’ve been playing in a lot servers… The best one for me are thos form US. I’ll try again later since it’s now on steam. =D But the servers i already played, it’s been very laggy… =/

Well my ping is, on AU servers (native) is like 200-300. That just falls into playable to pvp for me but still means I miss the drop. Just about every other server is around 400ish++ but that’s the fault of where I live… not the game or servers.

Work with what you’ve got and get good at what you do :slight_smile: