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First off sorry in this is in the wrong section.

I am looking into hosting my own Rust server.

The question I has is what’s the best hosting service company?

I am based in the UK never hosted one before so not really sure who to try.

p.s would just like to add as I have seen some people don’t like private servers because of 9 yr old kids running them and abusing the power.

I am a 32 yr old man….LOL.

Thanks for any help.

Nitrous networks rents servers for the UK

Thank you I will take a look

Link below has a list of all the companies that host Rust Servers

> Prices on the wiki seem to be wrong, check each website

I am personally hosting one from Nitrous Networks and i have had 0 issues with them. What are you looking to get out of hosting a server? (Your own private one, the thrill of just hosting one, your own mods etc)

More of the thrill but also to try and run a server which people will play on without the fear of being kicked because they killed/raided the 9 yr old base.

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Sorry when I say 9yr old I meant the 9 yr old Admin