Host is being terrible, what do i do.

So i got a 24 slot server with an unnamed host (Don’t want to make it worse) and it was not updated when activated, so i go to the c panel and hit update, so far it has taken 16 hours to update and i have had a ticket for 14 open, i have had no support from anywhere and frankly i’m pissed, the company in question is cheap, but has a bad history on a few occasions and i thought it wont happen to me.

Point is, i cant get any access to my server, times ticking, getting no help from support and i have only replied once in the ticket.
Someone told me to take him to court, but the guys on the other side of the world and i don’t think he’l show up, or that i can even serve someone that far away.


Stop using GSPs.

Switch to a different host. If you ask around, maybe you’ll get a similar price.


No its not them.
They have no refunds so i really cant do anything.

What did you pay with? if card, chargeback. If paypal, file a dispute.

That’s not necessarily the right thing to do.

They haven’t replied to your ticket for 14 hours?

Their support center just closed for another 13 hours.

You know what, i’m not getting my server, i tried a temp server for CS:S, it needed ot be updated also, i click update, bam, gone for 4 hours.
ServerFFS. Yes, the one with wouter who committed fraud and extortion to one of his employees is one of the only hosts in australia that is not fucking expensive, i decided to try it out and lost my money, i’m getting it back by selling a friend every episode of how i met your mother but thats minimal, i’m going to zambeez servers now.

EDIT: I bet i get banned from them.

Tried primary target?

Don’t they have a pretty bad reputation?
(I’m probably wrong, but yea)

I read your thread, and yes.
But even the temp servers, the ones they use to advertise.

Lol Probly.
Just throwing out ideas for cheap hosting i spose.

Now thats reasonable on my behalf, i give them 12 ours, thats 36 hours of my server gone.
the ticket has been open for longer than a day now.

I bet they give my money back, they will blame it on me.

That’s bad. Do a chargeback from your credit card.

Yeah, time to get your bank involved.

i hope this will end good

If I get a chargeback, their bank will be keeping an eye on them, and to be honest if this gets any larger than it needs to be, I ask those who have been ripped off by them to help in any way they can.
I also emailed wouter himself with the same basic message in the ticket, he has no reason not to fix the server.

If I don’t get my money back for whatever reason, what’s the next approach?

Charge. Back. With. Your. Damn. Card.

We all are saying it

Nothings going to happen for a while, it’s midnight where I am