Host & OpenAura problem?


I set this OpenAura scheme up on my hosts computer (xenonservers) but for some reason it doesn’t work.
Each time I restart the server it gives me this in console.

“[OpenAuth] You need to set the gamemode table in cl_init.lua!”

I have no idea what’s wrong, I’ve looked in cl_init.lua and everything seems right.
It works perfectly when I run it from my own computer as multiplayer, but for some reason doesn’t work on the host’s.

Thank you.

  • Dugehong

If you have the legit version, go ask kuro.

If you dont, go get a working copy.

If you have the Legit version you would be able to be supported by Kuro.

  • You have payed for support and Gamemode. If you payed…

Actually you pay jack shit for the gamemode because it’s not worth the money. Instead you’re paying for updates and support, which is worth money. I’m not saying it’s worth 200euros, but that’s all you get for your money.