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Here on Facepunch there is often posted threads asking about what hosting company is the best for their upcoming server(s).
It’s not easy to pick when there is that many options available and each member have their own opinion about each company.
So that is why I decided to collect data about all the hosts I could find and put it all on one page.
This will give every host a chance instead of just the recruiter shouting the loudest.

Information displayed:

  • Company name.
  • Company launch year.
  • Hosting location.
  • DDoS Protection (Included or not).
  • Price per month.
  • Stars based on reviews.

How to post reviews:

  1. Sign in with your Steam account.
  2. Click on the stars below the visit button.
  3. Fill in the message field and select stars and anonymous status.

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Make it cross-game (ARK, Rust etc) and you’re onto a winner.

I’m definitely considering doing that when i’m done with the system.
The only thing I’m a bit unsure about is if I would be able to keep the data up to date.

NFO Doesn’t have ddos protection.

Fairly certain they do. That is at least what I understood by reading posts about them.
Gonna ask their support directly to make sure.

Make a bot that crawls their websites for the latest data.

They will nullroute you in case of ddos.

Correct. Gonna edit that now.

Yeah i would definitely need to do that if i had to expand to other games. Gonna look into it soon.

NFO does have ddos protection …

The hits there getting hit with that end in null route will get you null routed at ANY host I’m aware of. They’re specific targeted attacks.

If you start saying they don’t have protection because a specific targeted attack get’s you null routed then you’re going to be saying it about every single host out there.

From that I understand that it as they kinda do have it but they don’t consider it DDoS Protection.

Absolutely not, hosts like ovh, zare, croncos will not nullroute you (the 2 later using Voxility for their protection). An example of a GSP using those hosts would be SerenityServers

NFO have filtering/protection, up and above 20gbps on most nodes (bad pings are my fault not nfo) (which yes, compared to a proper ddos protection service, is very little, which is where the confusion comes from), they just don’t say they have ddos protection specifically, they just filter “smaller” attacks (around 50-100gbps and under depending on node i guess) and if you’re getting hit for way over that they nullroute, they try not to nullroute if they don’t have too (plus NFO have the added bonus of helping you filter application level attacks like source query spam stuff, ii don’t think many hosts will help with this)

so generally they will filter attacks but if you’re being hit by large attacks a lot of the time nfo will ~have~ to nullroute you simply because you’d be disrupting other services somewhere as, while they can filter and protect up to a point, that point is a lot lower than a host with proper beefy ddos mitigation stuff

edit: nfo says it better than i do

they’re fine nullroute wise unless you’re being hit by really gigantic attacks, if you’re that hated then yeah best to look up another host (kinda going off topic but yeah)

You should add cyrentek to the Australian list

Price: 0.55 € per Slot, min 10 Slots.
Franfurt am Main, Germany
Price: 0.35 € per Slot, Min 10 Slots.
Franfurt am Main, Germany
Price: 0.35 € per Slot, Min 12 Slots.
Düsseldorf, Germany

Price: 0.55 € per Slot, min 10 Slots.
Franfurt am Main, Germany
Price: 0.39 € per Slot, min 10 Slots.
Düsseldorf, Germany | Moskau, Russia | Warschau, Polska | Madrid, Spain

Added some more hosts, currencies and a hosting location setting.

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They don’t have a price per slot because of the 5% extra for public servers.
I gonna work on the sorting system now or tomorrow.

  • Added language warnings in front of hosts without English as a language option.

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Finished the sorting system!

Seems like Euro is not their base currency. Gonna add them tomorrow when they have responded to my mail.

That’s not the case. The image you listed shows a network capacity between 1 Gbps and 50 Gbps. The average capacity they have per location is 20 Gbps.

The capacity is not the DDoS filtration capacity. It’s the total capacity of their network in that location. Once you account for average traffic on their network then that capacity is much less. Let’s say they have a 2x10Gbps capacity in Dallas. Depending on how large that location is then they could be pushing anywhere from 2Gbps traffic up to 10Gbps under “normal” circumstances meaning the headroom for a DDoS attack could be as little as 10Gbps. It’s actually less then 10Gbps because if the uplinks are saturated then every customer in that location will run into connectivity problems.

Now, my understanding from another source is the firewall they offer is only local to that node and not on a network level. I was told per node they have 2x1Gbps LACP bonded so your total protection would be 2Gbps provided the firewall can handle the attack at all.

I don’t know what their upstream providers are filtering to be fair or if they have a GRE tunnel with another mitigation provider but that’s the gist of how I understand it.

Out of curiosity, what are the highlighted GSPs highlighted for?

None of the prices are loading for me, it simply says “Loading…”.

It’s been 2 years now and Vilayer still hasn’t refunded me the 10 dollars I paid for a non-existent server D:

It’s for the companies that bought ads on the page.

Must have saved something yesterday without testing it. :suicide: Fixed.