Host requiring I get Facepunch's approval on Oxide Plugins so they wont automatically flag as MODDED

I have 19 plugins I use to admin my server… and they’re telling me I have to get your OK so they dont flag the server.

In the support ticket they said “Can you forward that to Facepunch and get them to give you a yes or no for all of them, please.”

Am I in the right place to do so?

I’m so confused. lol

Here’s the list - pretty sure these are all OK:

  • Admin Hammer, Adm* in Radar, Arkan, Auto Broadcast, Auto Demo Record, Auto Stash Traps
  • CombatlogDB, DiscordMessages, DynamicPopulation, EspDetection
  • ImageLibrary, NoGiveNotices, Portgun, RustAdmin, SignArtist, TeleportMarker, UltimateQueue, Vanish

I custom wrote a plugin to help me find TC’s with too many people auth’d:

  • FindTC

The guys over at LOW.MS told me that you can only have plugins that don’t modify gameplay, so you can have as many admin tools as you want but looking at your current list you have game impacting mods.

You have several add-ons that affect the game. Even though the Stash Trap add-on is meant to catch cheaters, it modifies the game. Same with the Sign Artist add-on, because you’re not supposed to be able to attach images to signs using a URL.

I’m not familiar with all the add-ons so I won’t post my opinion on them.