Host to battle DDoS'ing

Hello guys, my 48 slots Gmod server has gotten crazy popular in the past 3 weeks and has been full almost 20/7, i’ve been getting DDoS’d constantly for the past 2 days and cannot do anything about it, my host (serenityservers) is claiming it’s a 50MBPS attack, apparently their “DDoS protection” which is probably non-existant cannot battle these.
What hosting methods and companies would you guys advice I switch over to in order to avoid DDoS?
I’d like the top notch single-core performance I can get, the price doesn’t matter. I get more than enough donations.

50mbps? Let’s say serenityservers do not offer DDoS protection at all then.

Try GameSwitchers, I’d love to give you a rundown on all of the features, however it would be better to check the website, also, any replies i give you about the service would be totally biased as I work there, however currently, we only offer France and Canada locations.

I also would be happy on giving you a 50% off coupon for the first month for switching to us, you may also add me on steam for more information.

Buddy, i’ve been speaking to BomBom who is the owner of the company I believe, he’s a really great dude and i’ve been wanting to switch over since i’ve had my first conversation with him.
I’m just waiting on availability on your end.

Next time don’t piss off the kid that owns ZARP? :v No but seriously, that guy needs to stop DDoSing “Competition”

these days, 50mbps is more like a DoS, and if there are any hosts out there that cannot handle it, they should not be running.

I’m sure that guy has more than 50mbps, but yeah I agree

Serenity Servers told me it was 50mbps, I don’t think they’d want people knowing 50MBPS can crash a $40 server of theirs.

… :tableflip:

This is why I don’t have a server, I can’t afford it :v. Where all the good ddos protection at?
(Does game switchers have vm’s? I probably can’t handle a actual game server)

The cheapest solution is your own box. You choose the player slots, number of servers its running and usually the soft-/hardware. A common box can run 2-3 gmod-servers without any problems.

  • Cheapest solution
  • You control how much ram your server is getting. (Most hosting companies are overcrowding the box with 10-20 gmod-nodes)
  • You control everything … this means you’re on your own if something goes wrong.
  • You need to know how to control a server. Its not just drag and drop.
  • There is always something small you have to read. (Like: ddos protection having a cap).

While most host companies offers ddos protection. Its sadly easier to bring a gmod-server on its knees, sending bad-packets. I would guess that is what happened to OP.

Cheapest solution: A box you control.
Protective solution: A host who deal with your problems.

If your host can’t handle 50mbps, then they’re not a very good host. Anyone with decent internet can DoS your server lol. Save yourself some money and switch to a VPS as well, OVH have good DDoS protection and have 1gbps protection or higher for an extra $5.

OVH has a crazy Mitigation (I’m pretty sure its 500 GBPs).
Go for a server from soyoustart, that’s imo the best option.

SoYouStart does not have permanent mitigation and OVH does not tank traffic, they filter it, so if the attack is large enough it can render your server useless for a period of time.

Source: I own a SoYouStart server and a friend hit it with some booter that apparently had access to a botnet, the server died until he stopped it.

Weird, owned a quite large community for a year on SyS, and have never got fucked by DDoS apparently :P.

soyoustart’s game server range is on permanent mitigation and apparently filters a2sinfo attacks.

OVH Game roots have the best Mitigation. NOT soyoustart etc.
The normal OVH servers only have a TCP ddos protection, your users will be disconencted or lagg like hell if a ddos starts. Your website etc. will work normally, as it has TCP protection (which is really good!)

Here are the game roots, they all have UDP ddos protection:

You just can’t be ddosed with them, even when using reflected NTP attacks.

The game roots aren’t cheap, but good ddos protection like from link11 is far pricier.

I also tried other hosters who promised protection, but the protection always failed.

Source: > 2 Years experience with ovh. > 5 years experience with ddos and knowing the techniques behind them.

SerenityServers are from my understanding using and as their hosts. Switching to GameSwitchers will not help you since they are using the same host for their french/canadian location. This is not the case if you are using serenityservers on their location in Los Angeles. (I dont know which host they use there).

This is not true, there are methods to ddos ovh.

Sure there are, but only people with enough experience and power or/and enough money can do this. It’s just unlikely.

I had the same problem as you have at the moment. I switched to OVH and I was a bit skeptical at the first time, because I needed to pay 50€ per month more then for my old server. I had my new server and it got ddosed again and again… BUT the server’s stayed active-without any ping influence. My server is getting ddosed all the time, but the protection is working great! :slight_smile:

If you do not need a whole dedicated server I can recommend Gameswichters! They offer a great ddos protection as well and have quite good performance! :slight_smile:

As I said before, SerenityServers and GameSwitches uses the same host for their canadian & french location. I guess the ts wants an american server since he’s from America, so he would want the canadian location or the one in Los Angeles. (And the location in Los Angeles doesnt have a great ddos protection)