Host_EndGame: Buffer overflow in net message

me and others getting Host_EndGame: Buffer overflow in net message
very often in a Garry’s mod server. this happens to many people that usually when people join servers. the processions sometimes happens inside game and is very annoying. what is this? and what must be done and fixe this?

I’ve got the same problem. It only happens the first time I connect to a server after launching Garry’s Mod. Then I would reconnect to the server and everything will work fine. After that, there’s usually no further problems. My advice: Just reconnect to the server.

so can a moderator / admin or another player tell us what the problem is?

You will just have to wait until Garry fixes this in the next update.

When it gives a buffer overflow in net message error, that means there is too much going on in the server chat.

And / or too many people using the mic at once.

It happens alot when people use wire expression2 text functions.

Thanks, guys. I hope Garry has some way to fix this if it is not impossible. It’s been bothering me a lot lately