Hostage about to get executed

here you go I guess

Second one looks great for some reason.

Both cool. Nice work.


Camera one looks shitty.

Other one is awesome.

Finger pose. Other than that, Good pics.

What he said :v:

Yeah, good job. I like the ports.

The second image is fantastic, my only real complaint is the finger posing

Looks cool man, nice model.

All they wanted was his tie.

Sack’s ooollo
Nah, I really like the second one.

Nice work.

good job at posing

Without wishing to sound anal I think he’s looking too far to his left :confused:
I’m not saying, I’m just saying. You know what I’m saying?

The sack over his head is the dick and the two loose ties are the testicles that got the sperm sucked out of them