Hostage killed Gangsta' style

Instead of just killing them with guns, he decides to kick him in the gut repeatedly while he is on the ground :smiley:

C&C please.

i guess it could kill the hostage if the terrorist manages to rupture some of his organs but a quicker way would be to stomp on his head don’t you think?

also i’m just saying but i think the terrorists would be waiting for ransom instead of murdering their hostages

You don’t get it, there are always people killing the hostages for no apparent reason, so I just decided to make spin off thingy where he isn’t shooting him in the head. Jesus thats a mouthful.

Hmm seems like an awkward angle for some reason. Might be that there’s too much wall shown, balance :).

doesn’t look like he’s kicking him.
plus they just kick the crap out of people to injure,not kill.