Hostage Model (DarkRP)

Hello folks, i’m having a problem again with my DarkRP server. It’s a server about the organised crime, but the problem is that i didn’t find good skins for the mobsters and mob bosses, so i used something temporary. Now, i had enough of these boring citizen skins so i wanna use the hostages from CSS. (I wanted to do that from the beginning, but it wouldn’t work). So now, when i changed the models from the mobster and the mob boss to the hostages, it changed into an error to me and people that are joining my server. I need to find the code (like models/player/hostage_02). Can someone give me the lua code of the hostages please?


Thanks man, that works!
Does someone know the code from the hl2 magnum to?


Okay thanks that helped alot.
Now i have one more problem, then all my problems are gone.
What is the code of combo fists, because people spawn without fists.
(Only keys, physgun, grav, etc.)


Well, maybe one more thing. Is it possible to change this when i look at the scoreboard?

look in init.lua for the credits
and for the fists, you need to add the folder name to shared.lua
example: if the folder is lua/weapon/combo_fist, you need to add “combo_fist” in the {} in shared.lua

You need to learn how to search files. Get Notepad++ and then go to:

Find (CTRL-F) -> Find in Files -> Find What: by Rickster -> Directory: DarkRP gamemode folder

Does someone know what’s the code for the USP match?