Hostage Rescue

Boring generic title, I know. :v:

…but multiply the number of CTs and then you’re good to go!

Screw all the tactical approaches and send a crapload of CTs to take care of it! :v:

Lol looks like an invasion. :smug:
Very nice I like it!

I like it! If i saw that many CT running at me, I’d be scared shitless!

Thanks for the comments. :smile:

Reminded me of the Matrix. I liked it. Have an artistic.

Edit: LOL. I just noticed the hostage being “escorted” out.

Who needs guns, huh?

I laughed out loud.

Who needs lol?


Needs the Benny Hill theme.

you do when there’s that many CT’s :lol:

The more the merrier!

Simple but great!

Stalingrad it, I see…

Who needs an ak47 to clear out every mother fucker in the room? XD reminds me of a zombie invasion for no reason…

I was just about to do the same thing!

I laughed at how the hostage was being escorted out lol.

Nice. We need to get a server like this in CSS.

Winrar. This would have been epic for the Chase competition.

LOL at the hostage.

It’s like they replaced every operative with linebackers, and it’s working…