"Hostage Situation" - Time to get serious!


My first attempt at a serious pose. I know the CT’s in the background are duped, and the yellow light on the wall looks out of place. But other than that, I mostly want to to know how the lighting/post-processing is. Too much? Too little?

Tell me what you think!

when I read the title, “time to get serious” I thought it was a serious sam pose type thing

but anyways, good job on the picture, isolation looks pretty ok.

The blur is weird and too obvious on some spots. Work on isolation. Random lamp spot is random, and you didn’t shade the citizens.

Put more effort into posing before you could do post-processing.

Not that good, all you did was pose a Urban model then duplicate it.

No shit, Sherlock.

I did isolate and add motion blur, though.

Just because you admit to it, doesn’t make it any better. Duplicating posed models is usually a fast-track to getting ridiculed. Especially if you put all of them at the same distance and angle from the camera to make it even more obvious.

If you’re going to dupe, it’s got to be for very large scenes where you can hide the fact that models are duped. Also it helps to make small adjustments to each model you duped to make them look a little different from each other.

If you already knew half the mistakes then why did you post this instead of fixing it.

I said I wanted comments on how the general lighting/post-processing looked, not to be bashed over some duped ragdolls and an out-of-place lamp.

you can’t define where you want your criticism to come from.

people should stop thinking they can

The motion blur is bad. When you isolate your characters to be blurred, you also need to delete the original guys from the background. The way I do this (I say I because I only know how I would do it) is just to use the clone stamp to erase a large amount (usually around 50%) of the character around the edges, so that you don’t have sharp edge bleed-through.

And yeah blah blah don’t dupe on the focused characters yadda yadda I actually like the random light, makes me think maybe there’s like a flashlight on the floor or something :iiam:


Oh yes, also, I have to add to what Ghostwork just said, the criticism I never thought I would get on some of my own shit was the most valuable. That is to say, the unexpected crits are usually the best, or at least the most insightful. Usually.

And again:

Also, everyone has their own set of eyes and life experiences, so different people will see different things in the same image. (just to add to my addition)