Hostage situation

Original for comparison:

-I spent around 30+ minutes completely re-doing Nicks hair, only to not include it because he looked too much like Soap MacTavish.
-This is the first time I use a Desert Eagle in one of my pictures, ever.

The posing on Nick seems kind of odd.

wow, it looks like someone dipped nicks holster into a bucket of oil before he put it on,
also zoey is clipping with ellis a bit
nice angle and posing though


cool pic dude! cept nicks expression is a bit… not lifelike D:

Surprise buttsecks!

nah just kidding. its a great picture

I think this is good. There is clipping, which kind of lets it down a little. Also the lighting on Ellis’s Denim and Nick’s holster is quite wierd. The posing is good, the faceposing is great, the fingerposing is great, great editing… Overall I give 9/10.

Remove the clipping and fix the lighting and your picture will be crapping out awesomeness.

Shouldn’t Frank West be off in a mall fighting off zombies while trying to discover The Truth? :v:

Looks good Zerax, posing is solid and the angle looks good. Only thing that bothers me is the phong on Nick’s holster.

At some parts it looks like you forgot to turn AA to the max.

Come on, that isn’t even possible :open_mouth:


And oh yeah, his holster is really fucked up, no idea how to fix it.

And the last! :argh:

Yes mister :frown:

If I turn mine up to max I start to get the purple boxes textures on some stuff and I crash.

Clipping in a pose like this is very common and to be expected, i’ve tried it myself and it’s almost impossible to be clip free (lol sounds like some disease)

I like it. But when i read the “let her go Morgan” i was hoping for some dexter related pose :downs:

Morgan is just a name I came up with as I went along.

Story inspired by “ralph pls go

Ellis has a boner, i presume

How about no.

Haven’t you heard of “quick draw” ?
Nice pose.