Hostage swep?

I know this is a quick question but please answer :slight_smile:

Is there any swep or rope or something that can take hostage? I was thinking to add it to my server but i havn’t found anything :stuck_out_tongue:

/ Kubanen

Not that I know of. You can make it yourself by doing this:

  • Set a networked bool to the player you are tieing: “Tied”, true
  • When a player has the networked bool “Tied” set to true, set it’s walking speed lower and let it do whatever you want with it.


Thanks for the reply , I’m not really that expert on lua programming from scratch. I was wondering if some kind person got a code for something like that :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway thejjokerr :stuck_out_tongue:


You should ask in the Requests section :v: