Hostage system?

Imagine a hostage system where you can zip-tie someones hands and you can search them once there tied up? People would really enjoy this and it would be cool to be blindfolded but the top of your screen you can see because of holes. But after 15 minutes your character slips out of zip tie and you can escape?

PVP hostage capture dynamics, especially if you can escape and try and fight your way out of the base (maybe if you don’t get free in 15min you get teleported home, and the suicide command is blocked as a hostage to prevent yourself from just offing yourself and taking the hostage away from the group), could be pretty good as a feature down the road.

I think there should be a visual of somebody trying to escape. Also whats the point of being taken hostage? You already know that you are going to die. The person will probably disconnect before being taken hostage or just suicide.

Maybe some form of in game punishment for leaving and suicide will be disabled.

Maybe you have you struggle for a minute then you can move, you can’t use your hands (use any items or craft) but you can move so you aren’t just a sitting duck. then after 10 minutes you break out.

Tranquilizer darts for like a crossbow or specific tranq pistol/rifle would be perfect, but you would have to have a legit reason to capture someone rather than kill them.