Hosted Garry's Mod Server Donations System

Me and MDave have been doing some proof-of-concept testing of a hosted donations system.

Stemming from the fact that there is at least one job on CoderHire at all times requesting a donations system, we came up with the idea to set up a hosted donations service for server owners to use.

Server owners would be able register their servers and set up donation packages using a nice interface. Users would then log onto the system using the Steam oAuth stuff via a donation link or ingame screen to donate for a particular package. The service would then notify the server that a player has donated and carry out the actions for the donation package if that player is online. If they’re not online, the server will check for pending donation actions when players join. There will also be the option for web callbacks to, for example, change a rank on a forum.

The service would have plugins for all of the major admin mods (like ULX, Evolve, Exsto, etc) and other scripts and gamemodes (TTT, DarkRP, PointShop, etc) and others could be added for custom functions. It would also support expiry for the packages.

As an example, when a player has donated for a particular package, they could be given a ‘Donator’ rank using ULX and given 200 PointShop points - all of this would be setup using a simple interface on the website and requires no server configuration (other than installing an addon), no MySQL configuration, no web server, no PayPal integration or IPN handling, and no hassle.

Payments would be made directly into the server owners PayPal account.

Obviously this would be a paid for service, and I was thinking $5 - $10 a month for unlimited servers/packages/donations/whatever.

So my questions to Facepunch are:

Is there a need for this?
Should we make this happen?
Is the pricing fair?

Sounds cool, if it’s done good enough I’d use it.

I literally thought of this idea last night but I was too lazy to mention anything about it. I think it’d be a neat idea and I’d be willing to help with it in any way that I can.

Would be great to see someone make this, I was working on something similar a couple of weeks back with the maker of XDS but communication fell apart so I hope you manage to finish it!

I would say pricing is a bit high, compare your prices to the minecraft equivalent, BuyCraft.

I used to use a nice hosted Minecraft donations system on my old (now shut down) Minecraft server. T’was called BuyCraft. It was really nice, you could choose a package on the server and it gave you a link to pay with PayPal, and then after payment ran commands on the server (e.g to give items/upgrade group). A lot easier than doing them manually with just a normal PayPal button.

That plugin was free and didn’t take commission from donations, but they supported it with adverts and some pro features. I think that’d probably be a good way of going around it.

Maybe set this up so it’s not just for Garry’s Mod servers, it’s for all source servers? That’d be awesome too!

It’s a nice idea that you have running, but then you’ll be taking Jobs away from the site you run! Like you said, almost always is a job up for that kind of stuff and if there is one they can just subscribe to from you, the rest of us loose out.

This is a concern I had and will take it into account before deciding if I should go ahead with this. Thanks for the input.

I’m about to release a donations system built into my prop protection. But by all means gopher it, if its fancy enough people will use it ^.^

I have had this idea in mind for god knows how long now… I just never thought about telling anyone. Well, if you guys are going to make this system then be my guest. I honestly think it would be a very cool thing to do and I would also love to help out with this if you need any help. I would love to setup a website and host it for this if u’d like. Just contact me on steam:

To be honest, this would just be one solution, some people would probably rather pay a one off price for a bespoke system than pay $10-$20 a month indefinitely.

I think it’s a great idea, the only thing I would think about would be the pricing, some people only have 1 server, some have a few, some have many. An all around price seems a bad idea when you could have multiple plans.

The price would be inefficient for small servers, and the bigger ones already have a system in place.
What I’m saying is that someone paying already 20$ /mo to keep the server up wouldnt waste even more money using something that easily could cost them less.

Why not offer the monthly hosting as well as a whole server owner package. What I mean by this is if community owners who already have hosting for there community (web and server) could buy your system for there own personal use. It all depends on what the Server Owner Package would cost in whole compared to the monthly fee. Like ryankingstone said, I myself pay a good 40+ USD for my popular servers which already has a small donation system but nothing to special, an upgrade would be nice but I would like to insure the up time of that system for myself instead of relying on another host that I do not have complete control over. That’s just my opinion and it may or may not be a very stupid one.

I think it should be more along the lines of $5-$10 a month per server. I think if you pre-pay for a certain amount of time you should get a discounted price. Also the “Server Owner Package” (mentioned above)would not work very well as you could never stop people reselling your work. I think allowing people to create an A-Record for the web server would be better so they could have and possibly even allowing people to create their own CSS for their web store would allow a lot of customisation which servers look for.

I wouldn’t be reselling the whole thing, it would be partly integrated into CoderHire anyway. I think the $5-10 per month seems to be a better price, I was just trying to get an idea of how much people actually get through these systems, but it seems $10-20 is a bit much, which is fair enough.

Ok then, I’ll ask Facepunch again: if the pricing was $5-$10, and for that you got all the features I’ve already listed above, including the ability to customise the design like Jarva mentioned, and still unlimited servers/packages/anything else, would you take up the offer?

Do it. You’ll become filthy rich.
(and i’ll still be poor.)

That seems like a much better offer to me

You should offer an option between $10 monthly payments or like 30% on every transaction, because I can see some server owners losing money on this.

This, make the price $5 a month then charge for %5 of every transaction. That way, you can get revenue and always make a profit off each donation.

I can’t take transaction cuts because that means I’ll have to take payments and then everybody loses money from PayPal transaction fees with me having to forward it on. It also means I would be the one getting chargebacks and I don’t want that.

This is true, I would keep the price at around $5 a month and then addons(What donation prizes you want) can be like $1 per item or something like that for pre-made items and $2 per custom item of your own code. This would eb a one time payment but the monthly charge would be $5 a month.