Hosted Server Crashes on Join?

Alright, so for a while I’ve been hosting a “private” server for my friend and I to play on, that being a server with Hamachi on created with 2 slots from the “Create a Server” button. Thus far there have been no issues with ports or anything.

Today, however, when we started playing again after a brief interlude, at times when I hosted and was alone, the server worked, but the second my friend joined it crashed me to the menu or my desktop. The problem is solved after I remove certain mods and there doesn’t seem to be any explicit errors in the console. What’s going on with it?

Too much lua crashes servers.
Also, PC specs.

Integrated Graphics
220W PSU
2.5 Ghz Quad Core Intel
4 Gigs of RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium

I feel as if I’m forgetting something.


Also, I just remembered pertinent info. One of the lats times it crashed, it was whenever he tried joining on City 8 Central. After that, I put in more addons then put it on const5ruct where it worked fine. I don’t think it’s straight-up an LUA issue but more of a mix.