Hostell True HL2 RP Server

-Will be recreated… eventually… XD-
For all new and info

Server is ready!

CakeScript eh? :v:

gm_construct? gee, I don’t know…

Sorry it’s back on rp_c18_v1 now don’t worry…


Heart for you!

Lol Nori! <3

Servers kicking off - Server Merge with Half-Life 2: Origins -Just finished big infection event - Server Full -> SPLIT FROM ORIGINS! Fail clan we are now back to Hostell True Roleplay COMMUNITY! :slight_smile:

Best server ever! :smiley: HOSTELL REPRESENT!

Great community eh?

It doesn’t seem like a “true” HL2 RP server when looking at this advertisement, sorry.

Friendliness out of character? Seriousness in game


Either you’re a troll or have no idea how serious RP works, either way, you’re an idiot.

Actual RP’er

Aww, I’m so sorry that you can’t have every weapon at your disposal from the start. Let me give you infinite credits and spawn weapons for you, baby need a bottle as well?

^ Nice.

First session was fun. Managed to save a doctor from a headcrab, got some health kits out of it. :buddy:

But then I explored the map, ended up on a catwalk which was a place I wasn’t supposed to be, then got beaten up for it. Combines are mean. :C

I hope I still have all my stuff in my backpack.

24 SLOTS UPGRADE! 12 am Pacific time and 12 on the server great job!


You will dont worry! :slight_smile:


How incredibly stupid…

Hostell is welcoming ALL new members with open arms! We are friendly and strive to provide a comfortable, enjoyable roleplaying experience all while maintaining serious roleplay! :smiley:

You are an excellent troll, truly superb.

(User was banned for this post ("Don't reply to trolls- report them" - Benji))

this server is pretty boring
Everytime I go on there, there is nothing going on at all, maybe some cop randomly shooting people.
I have had better experiences on darkrp.

Every server has it’s ‘slow’ days. As of now we have constant online players so there is always some sort of roleplay going on.

We are implementing a bunch more things to enhance the roleplay at this time.