Hey I forgot I had this in my gamemodes folder. It’s done and everything… I think.

But yea it’s almost like the CSS Version. So I’m just gonna release the rest of it or the beta or whatever here…


Just the maps folder (in the hosties gamemode contenct) into your garrysmod maps folder.

Game Rules:
The T's can either choose to listen to the CTs every reasonable
Command, or they can rebel, and try to kill all the CTs.
A CT cannot kill an innocent T for no reason, or they will be punished.
If a T attacks, or disobeys a Ct, that single T can be killed.
T's can rebel at any moment with exception when playing !lr.
When playing a game, the player who loses, MUST accept defeat and allow the winner to kill him.
CTs may kill Ts in the vents. If the Cts say "No using the vents" they may kill anyone who is in there. When there are only 2 Ts left they are allowed !LR.(Last request)
If a T is a rebel, but it is near the end of the round and wants to surrender it is up to the CTs. The CTs can choose whether to let them surrender and have a Last request, or if they feel like it they can just kill the rebel.
If a CT is jumping on someones head the T's can kill him without fear of death.
No Player may play music through the microphone at ANY time.
CT Games have to be fair so no trivia or other question games where only the "smart" people can win.

CT Games
- Simon says
Simon MUST have a mic, if not a single CT has a mic they can use chat.
When Simon is speaking no one is allowed to chit chat. T IS allowed to ask to repeat the command if they didn't understood it.
CTs may line up Ts in an area of their choice. Once there, a single CT gives "Simon Says" orders to the Ts. If he says "Simon Says"
the Ts must follow his commands or be killed. The opposite is also true.
Only Simon may kill Ts that do not follow his commands.
The last command overules the previous command(s). SO ONLY THE LAST COMMAND COUNTS.

- Pass the parcel
Ts crouch in a small circle as directed by the CTs. One T then gets thrown a deagle. The Ts must move the deagle in a circle around the circle. When the commanding CT says "Stop" whoever i holding the deagle dies.

Last Request Games:

Gun Toss
The person who throws their gun the furthest gets to kill his opposer

Shot 4 Shot
Each persons grabs a pistol, stands far apart, and takes turns shooting at eachother one bullet at a time.

Knife 1 vs 1
Name explains the game

Hosties commands:
Last request
- !lr


So its GJail?


I suppose…


I like it, nice made :slight_smile:

good job here


Sorry for the bump, but just to clarify this gamemode is very different from G-Jail. Try it on CSS and you’ll realize. I don’t know why I get dumb ratings for making a simple gamemode but usually the people that rate me dumb are the people that can only do DarkRP Edits.

I rated you a gaybow :slight_smile: