Hostile Citizen AI

I was just wondering if somebody would be able to create an SNPC that makes use of slightly altered citizen AI. Essentially it would remain the same except it would be hostile towards the player. I know that this can be done because it’s in Neotanks Eat Wh’s npc groups addon

I managed to customize the code a bit so that is spawned only one hostile rebel and it appeared with a specific weapon, the only problem is that I can’t reskin it with a different model or spawn it with a different weapon. So pretty much what I want is rebel AI that is hostile towards the player.

The main reason for this is that I want a specific npc that has rebel AI and is hostile so that it can use various custom npc weapons.

Get player factions, get a combine playermodel or use one of the NPC control tools around to set normal civilians hostile.

I don’t want to have the rebels BE hostile I want to have a separate npc with rebel AI that is hostile to players. Not to mention I don’t want to have to reset the npc so that it’s hostile every time I start up the game, which is what I’d have to do with npc control