"Hostile down." - Bad Ending of L4D



B-but they’re on an island…


I like the lighting and the grain in the image. The poses on all of the military guys and the corpses is really nicely done; they are very convincing. I like the blood on Louis’s back a lot as well! Did you add it afterwards using PS or was it a custom effect? Very cool :slight_smile:

My only criticism is Louis’s pose itself seems a bit odd. Not necessarily because it seems to be unnatural, it just looks like the wrong moment to have chosen. By that I mean that while its very obvious he has been shot, it would have been more dramatic if he had been twisted and contorted backwards as to convey the sense that he’s absorbing the high impact of the bullets as they knock him down. The pose sort of looks like they just hit him and he’s about to react or that they’re just shooting a stand-up Louis target.

Overall though, bang up job m8!!

I edited Louis’s blood with Photoshop :), thanks

Cool :slight_smile: Killer job m8!

I dig, but this is bugging me a bit…


looks like a bearded man oozing out of his head.

it’s a psychic photo.

Funny part is, I was just watching Hokuto no Ken, and it resembles just about every major bad guy in the series.


why is one of the soldiers carrying a G36

he’s tacticool

I feel like this picture has more content in comparison to other works that you’ve done

not only is the lighting and posing of the military guys excellent (as always), but the picture also has a sort of narrative to it. you gave us a little story with one image and it’s really original/convincing

Definitely digging this pic. :slight_smile:

Where are the military models from?

Same situation with movie “Crazy”. :slight_smile:

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Zoeys smg(cant see what it is) is clipping through her arm.
cant believe no one has noticed it yet.

Nice editing but this pic made me sad T^T

Does this mean that… Francis is full of shit!?
**But what about Nick? In the sewers he says that he is literally full of shit.

The pose…** Blood is good, though the sky and fog in the background are bugging me.

I hate the fog in the background. You couldn’t have went to the spawn menu and changed the fog to fit the color of the sky?

Other than that, as well as the slightly blurry and brown-ish gib on Francis’s head as compared to the blood passing through Louis, I love it. It’s really great pic. But the fog bothers me most.

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Posing on Zoey is slightly unnatural. I don’t know why.
And Louis’s arms should be flailing to the back rather than being stiff and still.

This made me feel bad, alot.
This is why they said the were done with the army.

This means there going to relive Bill sacrificing him self again at the bridge.