Hostile environment?

What do you guys think? I really hope the devs are gonna make wilderness much more dangerous. I want players to respect the wild, to be afraid of it. Not just march on like a friggin cowboys with guns low.
If wolves would hunt in packs, deers would move between pastures in herds, boars would actually sometimes fight back, and challenging a bear would be like a boss fight, maybe then people would travel through forests, tundras, plains, and anything that will be out there more carefully, knowing that a bad step could get them killed easily

don’t wanna necro my old thread, but i’ll quote it here because i agree with you, and made this suggestion in April;)

"I know animal AI is probably low on the list right now, but I saw the wolf model skulking around the deer and got to thinking how each animal class could interact with each other and players.

Bear. Defensively attacks Players, Wolves and other Bears(maybe a % chance that the nearby bear is fine). Doesn’t run as far from it’s spawn point; it doesn’t want to eat you, just to make you go away. Spawns at a food source (berry bushes, fishing areas, or something similar). May wander to cooking food nearby. Runs away if damaged enough.

Mutant Bear. Actively attacks anything non Mutant. Chases for a moderately long time, but changes target to the last thing that attacked it. Doesn’t run away. Destroys resources of animals it kills by eating them.

Wolf. Actively attacks everything other than Wolves and Mutants. Run away if damaged enough, but less likely if there are more wolves around (% chance to run reduced). Eats downed enemies, consuming any resources at the same rate as a person hitting it with a rock; these resources are destroyed. Likes killing Deer.

Mutant Wolf. Same as Mutant Bear.

Deer. As currently. Run away when damaged or spooked. Run from nearby Wolves, but both have same speed.

Pigs. As currently where they run if spooked, but add that they attack their attacker when damaged enough rather than running away. Gie them some tusks, they’re wild boar after all;)

Rabbit. No change, but maybe increase the model size a little, so they’re more like hares. Hunted by Wolves.

Chicken. Stupid chickens. Run if hit, otherwise they just walk around like idiots."

Yeah, could definitely agree on bear, however wolves are territorial, so I’d say attack only when provoked or when you are close to the lair/spawn point(/small cave?).

Also, what would you say about idea of giant eagles? Those animal have really existed on New Zealand, though extinct now. (Giant = 3-4 meters / 9-12 feet from one tip of the wing to another)

i like the idea of a flying bird type enemy, whether that’s an eagle or even just crows that eat the animal/player bodies, damaging the yield of meat etc from the body and giving you an idea where there are dead bodies:)

Oh that is kind of badass. Flocks gathering around a rotting feast, also would make a good ambient sounds :smiley:

I think this falls under the bigger question we’ve seen raised many times, is it a survival focused game or more a PvP focused game?

So far everything seems to point to PvP, so I’m not sure as I haven’t read everything the devs have said, but I wouldn’t expect too much advanced wildlife stuff. But, we’ll see eventually, probably not for a long time :).

But they’ve been doing Obstacle avoiding for npcs, so theres definitely gonna be some Ai

These need obstacle-avoidance too.


that takes me back:D

Welcome to Rust, play nice with the fluffy chickens.

The Wilderness has to kill you with everything it has

Agreed. Also had an idea, do you remember the short video Garry posted in one of earlier blogs, where his guy was pointing at the block?
A wolf chasing you could zig zag, while his head would be facing you all the time.

currently the big focus is pvp, but how experimental will turn out remains to be seen. I’m one of the people that is still hoping we see more additions to take focus away from pvp and give people other desirable options in their interactions with other players.