More stuff with the same crappy graphics! (sequel to Will’s Journey)

Changes from Version 0.89
Changed inventory weight management
Vastly improved A.I
Maps and balanced areas
More compact and resource-efficient HUD. (Quicker load times/Comic will not die out so quickly)
Faction text colors
Fixed landmines detonating on player’s hands when setting them
And a lot more!

Stay there and try and talk your way out. Seems too guarded right now.

talk to those guy :“hey guy i want to cooperation” XD

** vomit on the bald guy and let the zombies kill him **

Option B

Panic and hide in the corner.

I would go with D: Other.

Make a non-interactive comic maybe?

Hmm…the AK is an assault rifle, but in terms of mobility, the Thompson is better. Use the Thompson in a semi-automatic fasion, apart from when in close quarters.

Buy 2 hand grenades from the top shelf.

Thompson, makarov since it’s free, and try to persuade the gun dealer to give you free grenades.
After that try to remember what happened to your partner,frohman, who dissapeared long time ago when you went into that bunker(probably run by loyality).

Pronounce xyzzy, always a cheat code in text adventures. That should give you enough money to buy every gun in the shop. Go rambo on everybody.

Buy clocks. They are sexy.

Buy the mosin nagat, its cheap. Besides, you already got a m4.

Real comic heroes don’t need weapons! They fight their enemies with their bare hands, like real men!!!

Naw, real men use crowbars.

No. Bare hands > crowbars.