Hosting 32 Slot Server 5 Bucks A month

-Hosted In Phoenix Arizona
-We install Addons for you!
-Full Access To The Console
-10GB HDD Space

Can be upgraded to 20 for $3 Extra

Try it out!

nVidia GeForce 8400 GS 512MB
3GB Ram
Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz Cpu
200Gb HDD

Console / Files Accessed Via Remote Viewing Software Provided On Purchase

-Thanks For looking

Where in Phoenix is this hosted?

Here’s whats wrong with this.
nVidia GeForce 8400 GS 512MB
3GB Ram
Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz Cpu



Sir if you join the server you will see it runs astonishingly smooth.

Yeah, astonishingly smooth with less than ten players.

I have tested it with 30 out of 32 players it was almost the same as having the 3 that were just in it

I’m assuming home-hosted or you’re running a business line since there’s no datacenters in Chandler.

Home Hosted But I’m Trying to move it out of that phase some time soon.

I am also not here to be told how bad you Think my server’s Specs are please Refrain from posting unless it is a valid question and or Request To Rent

I’m just biased a bit from that.

Also you are here to be told about your specs, they are up for open discussion. I have nothing else to say about the specs and will take your word for it now, but anyone reading the thread interested in buying benefits from knowing that it runs fine, now.


Sorry Your right


Ping Test also added

I’ll buy.

How the hell do you guys get that awesome upload.

How does that work, if it’s already 32?

he means GB of space

Ok i will send you a pm with the info


Ok sir the pm has been sent :slight_smile:

I am selling my 32slot that is actually hosted through xenon. Because apparently this guys server is down.

This is stupid.
is a residentail connection even good enough for a server, Do you have power redundancy?
Will it be connected 24/7

what about when someone is downloading something on your connection? wont it lag the server.

Be sure to check your ISP’s acceptable use policy. Most don’t allow you do host any type of server, especially for profit. Generally, they don’t care/notice if it’s just for a short period of time (few hours), but if you are running a server 24/7 off your connection, don’t be surprised if you are contacted by them saying you violated their AUP/TOS.

I decided to go ahead and look into it for you. Here’s a few excerpts:

From the “Technical Restrictions” section:

From the “Network and usage restrictions” section:

Sorry bro, but running a game hosting business off your home connection ain’t such a good idea. I recommend buying a dedicated server or building your own and getting it co-located at a datacenter (which can be quite costly).

Aside from that, your connection would restrict you to being able to host one medium-large server or a couple small servers. Your pc would have no problem handling that but reliability is key. No power or network redundancy is kind of an issue as well. I foresee some downtime.

Also, your IP is (most likely) dynamic. This means that your ISP automatically assigns you an IP address, and it can/will change from time to time. If your clients don’t mind having a new ip every so often, more power to them. I certainly wouldn’t want that though. Getting a steady flow of server traffic can be quite difficult, and getting assigned a new IP pretty much brings you back to where you started (with little to no traffic).

Sorry to shit on your thread, but I’m here to help you.

New IP’s with me only assign when I restart my router. Which is, never.