Hosting a dedicated server...?


so… according to the rules:

I have a dedicated machine running in a datacenter and have been waiting for a few month now for the release of dedicated server software. When is this to be expected?

A few friends of mine as well as myself do already own rust since several month but are reluctant to play, because on public servers everything decays in a matter of days and people seem to be expected to “maintain” stuff every day (or after some days), which means infinite attention to a game. This is ok if one likes to play for a few hours or days only, but not for long term play (and if you have a life). Thats why i also run a DayZ Server without decay, because well… stone walls or metal platforms really just do not decay after a few days (not even wood).
So most public servers do not fit our needs, because they are setup for short-term play. We don’t like to spend hours, days or weeks to build stuff, just to have it disappear, destroyed by cheaters, griefers or other disrupting or immature kinds of players.

So basically, we like to run our own world to have our peace and our rules. And i think we are not the only ones.
As i don’t see how it would NOT benefit sales of and demand and interesst for Rust, releasing dedicated server files, i’d like to know if and /or when this is planned for?

And sorry, i’m not native english speaking, so if this comes accros as arrogant or something… bare with me. I would just like to know why i can’t run a rust server, when i can run a Starbound, Terraria, Minecraft and DayZ Epoch Server. And i know for a fact, that some of the people i know are only waiting to buy rust until we can run our own server. Thanks!


So, no Information available? Does nobody know? Or has this already been answered? If yes, why is it not sticky? Whats the plan? :frowning:
I think these are legitimate questions or did i miss something?