Hosting a Game Server on a VPS?

I know this is possible, but I have heard from a lot of people that it is not worth hosting a game server on a VPS just because of lag. I’m just looking for a VPS to host a forty slot Garry’s Mod server and a 25 slot TS3 server for hopefully under $60, but first, what do you guys think about doing this, and would it be worth it?

Yes it is , i use , and Its awsome

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its not mine fgs. I use it , thats all

Really depends on your knowledge of the Linux CLI and ability to fix any problems yourself as you will receive minimal/no help from the VPS provider. I have a decent VPS and have had no problems running game servers. I have had a full 32 slot TF2 server going and it didn’t skip a beat. I had ran a Garry’s Mod server early in the beta of the Linux binaries and it seemed to run great except for some beta problems but they should be fixed by now. For ~$60 you can get a pretty decent VPS and I think you will be very surprised at what it can handle with ease.

My current and always recommended host: ( Nine Month Customer )

I second this. They have always been amazing to me and very helpful with support.

I would recommend
Ive been with them for a while now and had no issues with lag, nor ridiculous prices. I’ve been running a 24 Slot TF2 server as well as a 16 slot GarrysMod server along with a Ventrilo and TS3 server all for only about $20 a month. Granted mine is a little overloaded in this state I’m sure you could get what you want from them for less than $60 probably more like $30-45. They also offer windows servers at no extra cost. A VPS is definitely the way to go and this company has treated me well so far.

Edit: well as Murphy would have it, Gigenet has decided to raise their prices and start charging extra for windows. I withdraw my recommendation of them as i am now leaving myself. I have a 250GB VPS with 1GB RAM and a dualcore CPU for $35 per month.