Hosting a Garry's Mod server on a VPS

Alright so if I wanted to host a Gmod server with a VPS how do I go about doing it on windows? I don’t prefer linux since it can’t run some of my other steam games that I love (DayZ.) Basically what Im looking for is a windows tutorial for setting up a gmod server with a vps. Thanks in advance.

Covers everything nicely.

What if I want to host it with a vps? Thanks for the quick reply

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I realize my previous post could be considered very “nooby” Im not familiar with vps’ so do I do what that tutorial listed but set the install folder as my vps through an ftp?

EDIT: Basically Im asking how to run a gmod server on a vps.

Im stupid I figured out what I need to do, Thanks aszter.