Hosting a gmod server with a custom port?

So, im trying to host a server…
I had 27015 and 27005 open, it worked like a charm.
An hour or so later… its just not working… According to the router page is open…
Then i decided to call my ISP, some lady tells me blablablab im not allowed to open ports i need to pay for blablalbla service… That “service” is extremely fucking expensive… 5000 USP (URuguayan Pesos)
Thats more than the half of the minimum wage.
So… according to the forums, i can open a 4 digit port.
But… source/Steam uses 5 digit ports… so what can i do?

I know… my isp is a scam, but i have no alternatives :frowning:

-port whatever in your command line

Just start the server with -port <yourport> in the command line to override the port.

yeah i know… also +clientport or something like that… but… most ports are used… so i really dont know

First of all i would check if your ipv4 address changed maybe that’s why it wasn’t working and alternatively you could use a domain and point it to the ip and port then people can connect through the domain etc otherwise in console just type “connect ip:port” also your isp can’t block 5 digit ports altogether however they can block certain ports like the gmod portfowarding ports though

For the domain part though i recommend to do that if your trying to have a serious server not just something for friends