Hosting a server on a VPS

I’m looking to host Garry’s Mod server on a VPS. Though, I’m not putting any money into it before I know if it can handle barely any slots at all.

Heres the specs
RAM: 1,280MB
Monthly Data Transfer: 1TB
Processor: Intel x2 Quad Core Xeon
100mbps Connection.

I am aware of that this VPS doesn’t have much RAM and therefore I could host at maximum only few slots.
Therefore, I would like to know how many slots at maximum would a windows VPS like that host if the map was rp_evocity_v2d for example?

Vps’s are great for hosting gmod servers (in my experience), But try and get 3GB of ram, To secure a nice playable env.

The 1,280MB is all I can get for a pretty cheap price, as the guy who is offering this has rented this VPS for a year but isn’t going to use it anymore. Do you know any companies which offer windows VPSes for quite cheap price?

Ignore the guy mentioning RAM. If all you’re running is 1 copy of Gmod you don’t need it.

SRCDS will never use more than 500mb of ram, apart from startup sequence, and who really cares if startup takes an extra 10 seconds due to ram?

It’s CPU you want to look at, if you have a dedicated cpu slot then you should be fine on a VPS. That and HDD usage are you primary concerns.

Watch the clock of the CPU too, SRCDS (especially Gmod) can be very heavy on a CPU, even more so since it only uses one core.

Should be fine if you have a playerbase under 30.

that’s not really true, CPU is the biggest problem here, and any decent provider will be able to support that + more. I mean, I’m running a web server, MySQL server, and 3 GMod servers while using ~1.3GB of RAM, the issue is CPU

Well, It really depends on how much CPU share he has.

OP: Who’s your host?