Hosting a work in progress gamemode for 24 hours

I have a game server, time. and i can give an opportunity to a (wip) gamemodes. only a game mod that never been tested at multiplayer.
it will be hosted here for 24 hours.
its not enough time but it will do.

so, if anyone wants his gamemode to be tested :X talk to me.

Cause srcds is very difficult and we need someone to do it for us.

^ agreed.

this is a 100mbit server, not every one got 100mbit… :X
so nobody wants the opportunity to test with many players?

Set your player max to 9000 then we will talk.

no one can have 9000 since max is 128 (garry made for GMT) XD

Oh shit! I didn’t know that!!


That’s the engine’s problems. And in fact most of the problem are graphical errors.

Aide, he was being sarcastic… -.-’


Technically, you can get to 255.

I did it in dystopia, so I’m quite sure it’s possible in gmod.

Indeed. Dogfight servers on gmod host up to 255 last time checked.

So raise the max players to 255 then we’ll talk.

Why are you guys talking about max players?..

Anyway, he offered something that possibly no one needs.

/Drop topic?

If anyone wants a solution